Emptor Educational Hub and ImmerseMe

Partnership between Emptor Educational Hub and ImmerseMe:

Bringing innovative language learning experiences available in Canada and worldwide.

Access to ImmerseMe's platform:

Cutting-edge VR and AR environments for language acquisition.

Dynamic approach to language learning:

Engage in realistic scenarios for authentic practice.

Immersive and interactive learning experience:

Practice language in everyday situations like ordering coffee or navigating a market.

Empowering learners:

Develop language skills naturally and confidently through state-of-the-art technology and effective teaching methodologies.

ImmerseMe: Unlocking Language Mastery Through

Real-Life Scenarios

Unique opportunity with ImmerseMe:

Delve into immersive language learning.

Virtually transported to authentic and captivating locations.

Explore culture, sights, and sounds:

Experience various destinations while honing language skills.

Engage with language in context:

Develop deeper understanding and proficiency.

Preparation for real-life interactions during travels.

Seamless transition with ImmerseMe:

From virtual exploration to actual experiences.

Well-equipped to communicate effectively and confidently in diverse environments.


William T Ballo MPH, NRP, CP

Faculty – Academic Technology

Strategic Academic Initiatives

Madison College (WI, USA 🇺🇸)

"We're primarily using ImmerseMe in the VR headset and not as much on the desktop, I think it’s really engaging when you're using it on the computer desktop but when you switch over to VR it changes it to engaging and for lack of a better term “immersive” and I think that's the real power in ImmerseMe. Because now instead of just viewing a place on a 2D screen I can feel like I'm actually there when I'm in the headset.”

ImmerseMe supports almost all platforms through browsers.

VR on desktop with a headset - HTC Vive/Pro, Oculus Rift

VR on mobile with a headset - Google Daydream, Samsung Gear

VR, Android-powered VR (but NOT iOS-powered VR)

VR on standalone headset - Meta (Oculus) Quest, Oculus Go, Vive Focus

Flat on desktop (i.e. mouse and keyboard) - Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge but not Internet Explorer

Flat mobile (i.e. magic window) - Chrome for Android, Safari for iOS, Samsung Internet, UC Browser

For smartphones, at least an iPhone 6 for iOS and a Galaxy S6 for Android

How do I use ImmerseMe in virtual reality (VR)?

Check the following links for video tutorials.

  • HTC Vive Focus (instructions coming soon...)

  • Pico, Pico Neo 2 and 3

  • Apple Vision Pro

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